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  • TLS Presents: IMPACT

    Dr. Stephen Peters chats with Jermaine White, Assistant Superintendent of Student Support Services in Harnett County, North Carolina, about recent truths we've discovered as Covid has impacted the public education system and how we can move forward with purpose.

  • Starting the School Year Successfully

    Octavius, Amy, and Liz ask questions about relevant topics regarding starting our school year successfully.

  • How To Support New Teachers

    Join Robbie Hooker, Superintendent of Social Circle City Schools, and Colleen Jones, Principal at Ithica Elementary School, as they chat about supporting new teachers.

  • How To Plan Well w/Tracie Dempsey

    Glean insight from Tracie Dempsey, Principal of Antioch Elementary School, as she shares tips on how to plan well.

  • TLS Presents: It's Time to Talk about Summer Learning

    Dr. Stephen Peters is joined by Nancy Gannon of FHI 360 as they discuss summer learning and reimagine what it looks like to support young people in the summer.

  • How To Prepare For The Leadership Interview w/Tracie Dempsey

    Tracie Dempsey, Principal of Antioch Elementary, shares some insight on how to prepare for your leadership interview.

  • Challenges in a Post-Pandemic Era

    Dr. Mark Wilson is joined by a panel of admins as they discuss the challenges that school leaders are presented with in this post-pandemic era, covering topics like staffing, technology, motivation, student behavior, and learning targets.

  • Teaching Students Financial Literacy

    Rachel Spates chats with Dale Alexander, President of Alexander and Company, about the importance of teaching students financial literacy.

  • How to Prepare for the Leadership Interview w/Brian Patrick

    Brian Patrick, Assistant Principal of Putnam County Middle School shares some insight on how to prepare for your leadership interview.

  • How To Prepare for the Leadership Interview w/Tekmekia Gilchrist

    Tekmekia Gilchrist, Principal at New Manchester High School, shares some insight on how to prepare for your leadership interview.

  • Unpacking Student Voice: Processes for Gathering Student Voice

    Join Linda Beggs and Leigh Colburn of The Centergy Project as they lead us in an important conversation around the epidemic of stress and anxiety among our student population and leave us with actionable items to help us adequately respond to stress and anxiety in our schools.

  • How To Inspire and Motivate Others w/Melinda Fonteboa

    Join Melinda Fonteboa, Principal of Ellijay Elementary School, as she explores inspiring and motivating others within our roles as school leaders.

  • Setting the Vibe

    Brian Buffington, EdTech Wizard and keynote speaker, shares nuggets of goodness as he explores how you can set the vibe as a leader and intentionally crank the climate in your school.