• How-To: Measuring Performance

    In this week's How-To Amy Thornton and Eric Hamilton talk about how exactly they measure performance with the different classes and groups within their school systems. It's important to know where everyone started and how they improved to see a better picture of performance throughout the year.

  • How-To: Communicating Via Email & More

    Amy Thornton, Principal at Callaway Middle School, and Colleen Jones, Principal at Ithica Elementary, talk about email communication, as well as communicating with your community, along with writing and other topics.

  • How-To: Listen & Communicate

    Eric Hamilton and Robbie Hooker discuss listening as leaders, having informal conversations, and the everyday communication that makes it all work.

  • How To Recruit Good Candidates

    Amy Thornton, Principal of Callaway Middle School, and Kevin Gaines, Principal of Hart County High School chat candidly about recruiting good candidates for their schools.