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  • Buff Nuggets For Admins - Ep. 4

    Brian Buffington shares 5 "Buff Nuggets" for ending the year well and looking forward to next year! Tune in to hear about celebrations, transitions and all that the end of a school year has to offer.

  • How-To: Transition Well

    Kevin and Eric discuss their school strategies for ending the year on the right note and making transitions a priority in May.

  • Unpacking Student Voice Ep. 4

    Leigh Colburn and Linda Beggs with The Centergy Project share about the research they have done in schools with teens on the topics of gender and sexuality. This is a very important and informative conversation for school leaders in today's climate.

  • How-To: Measuring Performance

    In this week's How-To Amy Thornton and Eric Hamilton talk about how exactly they measure performance with the different classes and groups within their school systems. It's important to know where everyone started and how they improved to see a better picture of performance throughout the year.

  • How-To: Set the Standard for Student Performance & Evaluation as a Principal

    What are Brag Tags? Listen to what Colleen has to say about student performance assessments to find out! This week we will hear from Kevin Gaines and Colleen Jones about how to reward students for their growth and development as a building leader.

  • Thats a Great Idea Ep. 4

    This week Rachel Spates is joined by Kim Hill of Mindfulness Strategies to discuss how mindfulness has shaped schools and changed their culture! Tune in to learn about the value of mindfulness in your school!

  • How To: Grades and Growth

    Standardized Testing.
    Accounting for student growth and performance.

    How are each of these a part of the whole of school? Listen to Robbie Hooker and Colleen Jones discuss how they use grades and testing to find key areas of growth and development!

  • How-To: Speaking to Multiple People at Once

    Amy Thornton, Principal at Callaway Middle School, and Kevin Gaines, Principal at Hart County High School, talk about speaking to a group of people, including faculty meetings and parent meetings.

  • How-To: Communicating Via Email & More

    Amy Thornton, Principal at Callaway Middle School, and Colleen Jones, Principal at Ithica Elementary, talk about email communication, as well as communicating with your community, along with writing and other topics.

  • Building a Culture of Success - Mark Wilson

    Teaching is both a science and an art, and many teachers around the world spend endless hours perfecting their professional practice. At TEDActive 2013, a few teachers from the United States offer some tricks of the trade they've learned (and continue to hone) along the way.

  • School Stories w/Jimmy Stokes and Marti Stephens

    Listen in on Jimmy Stokes' interview with Marti Stephens as she shares captivating stories of her journey in life and education.

  • Discovering Dendrites: Brain Compatible Strategies, Part 5

    Dr. Marcia Tate shares helpful insight with us as she continues her series on brain-compatible strategies.

  • TLS Presents: It's Time to Talk about Summer Learning

    Dr. Stephen Peters is joined by Nancy Gannon of FHI 360 as they discuss summer learning and reimagine what it looks like to support young people in the summer.

  • Unpacking Student Voice: Substance Misuse and Addiction

    Linda Beggs and Leigh Colburn, founders of The Centergy Project, share their expertise on unpacking student voice around substance misuse and addiction.

  • Wraparound Care for Teachers

    Rachel Spates chats with Marti Stephens, Wraparound Coordinator at West Georgia RESA and Michael Perry, Principal at Greenville Middle School as they discuss the realities of this year and how we've all had to evolve, sharing insight on wrap-around care for our teachers and boosting morale in our...

  • How-To: Listen & Communicate

    Eric Hamilton and Robbie Hooker discuss listening as leaders, having informal conversations, and the everyday communication that makes it all work.

  • Inside Leadership: Communication

    Listen in as this incredible group of admins chat candidly about communication.

  • Three Pointers on Hiring!

    Dr. Mark Wilson shares three important tips on hiring!